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Marketing is not a standard one-size-fits-all package. Each business is different for example, would a dentist need to be on social media? Is his target market ‘everybody who has teeth’? Or is it ‘parents in the area with preschoolers’?

Landing just one new client can lead to more clients. Ultimately, all marketing serves one primary goal: to get sales. Take a look inside your marketing box to find out whether you have the contents you need to land your next client.


Get more sales by asking yourself these 10 questions

1. Who am I talking to?

2. What the problem am I solving or need am I fulfilling?

3. Why would they buy from me and not anyone else?

4. What’s stopping them from buying from me?

5. Where did my last sale come from?

6. What one skill do I need so I can sell better?

7. How can I build a relationship with a supplier or existing client to get more sales?

8. Where can I place an advert so that my customers are most likely to see it or hear it?

9. How can I use my social media page/s to get more sales?

10. What’s the next step I can take now, in my own network, to get just one more client?



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  • @SayoF you Kandua website looks great! International standards.
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  • How much does my customer value what I do for them? - Understanding the value helps you know the price point and process better.

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  • @SimplyBiz i would like to say thank you to all the participating intelligent entrepreneurs on this platform for sharing your business perspectives it really comes very handy to new business owners like myself, reading all your insights has made me feel at home, i will also take part in learning and sharing with all of you my experiences, thank you.

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