The 50 things your customers wish you knew about them - Video 1 - 10

Imagine a world where you can look inside the minds of your customers, know what they are thinking, and imagine the impact that would have on your business. Well, imagine no more, as SimplyBiz takes you inside the minds of your customers.

1. Be reliable

I don't need you to be perfect, but I do need to know I can rely on you.

2. Make me proud to refer you

When I refer my friends and you give them exceptional service, that makes me look and feel good. I love that!

3. Make me feel special

I get crazy jealous if I think you love other customers more than you love me.

4. Be honest

Telling me what you don't know makes me trust you.

5. Keep your word

You don't need to do much to be a superhero. Just do exactly what you say you will do.

6. Build trust

Building trust requires consistent and transparent actions over time.

7. Admit fault

Owning up to mistakes is respected and can strengthen our relationship

8. Justify my purchases

Customers appreciate it when you provide logical reasons that validate their purchase.

9. Understand my needs

Understanding customer needs even better than they do can enhance customer satisfaction.

10. Make me feel valued

Exclusive offers and gifts make customers feel unique and valued.



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