The 50 things your customers wish you knew about them - Video 11 - 20


Video 11 - Provide turnkey solutions

Learn why doing the hard work for your customers and letting them take the credit can turn them into passionate advocates for your brand.

Video 12 - Give me something to brag about

Share unique and impressive aspects of your business that can give your customers something to brag about, enhancing their social standing and loyalty to your brand.

Video 13 - Exceed my expectations

Do you feel like you deserve more from the businesses you support? It's not just you. We all crave that 'wow' factor that turns satisfaction into delight. How do businesses consistently exceed your expectations? Share your experiences where a brand went above and beyond for you!

Video 14 - Don't betray my trust

When a customer feels they can't trust your company, it's crucial to act swiftly and sincerely to rebuild that trust.

1. Listen carefully to their concerns without interrupting.
2. Acknowledge their feelings and validate their experience.
3. Apologise genuinely for the inconvenience or issue.
4. Offer a solution or compensation that directly addresses their issue.
5. Implement changes to prevent the issue from happening again.
6. Communicate the steps you're taking to make improvements.
7. Follow up to ensure their satisfaction with the resolution.

Transparency, accountability, and a clear commitment to making things right are key to restoring trust.

Video 15 - Give me solutions, not excuses

Remember, customers don't want to hear why something didn't work – they want to see how we're going to fix it.

Video 16 - Give me your undivided attention

Always give your full attention to the person in front of you. It's not just polite—it shows you genuinely value their time and respect them.

Video 17 - Be warm and friendly

A kind demeanour isn't just pleasant—it's a game-changer for customer experience. Make every call count and leave your customers feeling valued and understood.


Video 19 - Don't stress me out

Discover strategies to ease your customers' burdens and make your service truly valuable.

Video 20 - Ask me what I like and need

Actively seeking customer feedback to improve relationships is essential for business growth. It’s not just about listening—it’s about acting on what you hear to enhance the customer experience.



Stay tuned for more tips to keep your customers coming back for more.

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