How to Create a BackaBusiness Campaign


Step 1: Preparation

What you will need to prepare:

  • A good image of your business/storefront/product.
  • A good photograph of yourself and/or your team (preferably in uniform or branded gear).
  • Prepare your story

An example:

• We are a restaurant in Durbanville that services the local business community. Our small team has been together since we opened in 2005 and we are known for serving great homemade food with the best desserts in town!

• We have adjusted our business model to offer curbside collection and deliveries, but this has naturally increased our operational costs. We need to acquire a second delivery motorbike so that we can service this growing part of our business.

•  Please support our BackaBusiness offer of a R450 meal voucher for just R300. This is the perfect festive season gift! Tell your family and friends about our campaign and share it on social media!

• Thank you for your loyalty – we look forward to delivering another delicious meal to you!

  • Prepare a short video (Your mobile phone, home camera, a laptop/computer with a camera. (It does not need to be high tech.)
  • Plan what rewards or discounts you will offer.

Download the BackaBusiness Handbook for tips on how to make an effective video, ideas for rewards, templates, and FAQs.

Get campaigning!

Step 2: Create your campaign

Go to

Join the BackaBusiness Movement and then click on start a project.


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