10 Black Friday promotions to boost your sales

10_promos_WB.jpgBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are effectively the start of the silly season shopping frenzy. No business can afford not to take advantage of the hype and excitement.

Here are some of the most popular types of promotions that will help you catch some of the increased spend.

  1. Offer HUGE discounts on limited high attraction items for a limited period. (This is a calculated risk – you take a loss on something, to get the customer in your store. The idea is to cross-sell or upsell.)
  2. Buy one get one free, is always a winner. We all love to get something for nothing. (This is a good way of shifting slow-moving stock.)
  3. Mystery box – who doesn’t love the mystery and possibility of winning big? (Spend Rx to open your mystery box. This can be vouchers, actual items or even an experience like a free dinner or weekend away.)
  4. Gift Vouchers with every purchase over RX. This has the benefit of encouraging return customers.
  5. Share the love campaigns – e.g. for every R50 purchase, we will donate R10 to “Welovechildren” charity. These work especially well if your products or services are associated with animals, children or they are eco-friendly.
  6. Daily deals – keep the interest and excitement going by offering different specials for each day of cyber week and throw in surprise specials that are only valid for say, the first 10 customers, or for the next hour.
  7. Lucky draws are great for building fun and anticipation. Simply ask for the till slip or proof of purchase to win something extremely attractive to your customers.
  8. Collaborate with other small and local businesses to offer a bundle that is truly wow. Each business will benefit from the increased traffic.
  9. Treasure hunts because we’re all frustrated pirates at heart! These work particularly well for e-commerce sites as you encourage your customers to look around your site.
  10. Shop-wide discounts while the discount may not be huge, it’s simple and it encourages bigger basket shopping.


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