Shifting Gears


Shifting Gears is a self-directed business learning and coaching bootcamp.

It is an opportunity for business owners and those considering entrepreneurship to take stock of where they are in their business and personal life, as well as to set a new direction. In gaining the vital skills and tools needed, entrepreneurs will equip themselves for a shifted business world.


Get into Gear

If you want to start your dream business, test your business idea, formalise a side hustle or simply find an alternative income stream, this is the place to get your business up and running quickly. 

We have done the foundation work for you; and all you need to do is work through the sections diligently. Eight simple steps will take your high-level concept and turn it into a solid business plan.

👀 Listen to podcasts in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Sesotho. Be inspired on the go!

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Change Gear

New markets, new products, expansion. Change is the only constant, so what are you going to do about it?

If you are significantly adapting products and services or trying to adjust your business model to meet new demands, this is the gear for you. Innovation, flexibility and agility are the themes of Change Gear.

Change Gear is a structured and supported approach that will take you through the entrepreneurial mindset, visualisation and strategy to finding new markets in just eight steps!

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Youth in Gear

Are you under 35 and thinking of starting a business or wanting to grow your side hustle?

This is the place to get your business up and running quickly. Youth in Gear is aimed specifically at young entrepreneurs to take you from ideation to pricing, through to presenting your business plan to potential funders, in just eight steps!

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Gear Down

One of the hardest decisions is choosing if, and when, to close or downsize.

It is the unthinkable. For many it means letting go of a dream or having to retrench loyal staff members. Knowing when to stop the bleeding is never easy, but usually the sooner the better.

It is understandable to feel overwhelmed or even paralysed, but there are legal, human resources (HR), and tax implications when closing a business. You do not want to make a bad situation worse by failing to comply. Whether you need to issue section 189 retrenchment letters or deregister with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), we will guide you.

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Not sure which Gear to choose?

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What’s in it for entrepreneurs?

Change Gear, Get into Gear and Youth in Gear are structured so that you can work through the learning, apply it directly to your new or revised business plan, and be ready to pitch your business in eight steps. We want to get you doing business as quickly as possible.

Gear Down makes a difficult time less stressful with simplified checklists and practical guidance – such as how to deregister with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and how to give employees retrenchment letters – as well as access to a business assessment tool.

Most importantly, once you have done what your business needs in Gear Down, you are encouraged to shift gears and join Change Gear if you are downsizing, or to start afresh with Get into Gear. Did you know that Raymond Ackerman and Oprah Winfrey also overcame failures and doubts before becoming business successes?



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