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Remember the thrill of running around the garden searching for buried treasure or chocolate eggs? Or wondering whether you’d wake up to one of those foil, brightly coloured chickens or bunnies in the morning – and where they were hidden all this time?  Our Fun & Games Department decided to try to keep you entertained and connected while you can’t go outside to play. The fun doesn't need to stop just because you’re ”adulting” and in Lockdown.

Between 6 and 17 April 2020, we will hide 40 coupon codes for 5 gigs in Data Vouchers throughout our website. They could be hidden anywhere, at any time. You'll know you've found one when you see a 12-digit mix of letters and numbers with this icon 🐰 e.g. 48YKA8922BW8 🐰

Limited to 1 voucher per person

Like any competitive athletic endeavour, preparation is key. So, login or register on SimplyBiz® (you have to be a registered SimplyBiz® member to compete) and stretch your fingers in anticipation to click around with lightning speed. 

Because bunnies are fast and great at hiding, follow us at  SimplyBiz_SA on Facebook for clues – we’re nice that way. When you see this 🐰 it may just lead you to where the bunny is hiding. We must remember to include clues in the posts

Once you find a coupon code email it to to claim your prize.  First come, first served so hurry!


SimplyBiz® keeping your business connected during Lockdown.

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