6 ways to attract top talent


The success of your business depends entirely upon your ability to attract and hire great people. Here are some great tips to help you: Define the exact criteria: consider these points when making that decision: a) You're not filling a slot; you're moving your business agenda forward. b) If you don't have reasonable metrics, you won't know whether you have a top performer. c) The best candidates can pick and choose, so you must figure out why they would choose you. Develop a compelling recruitment plan: Your recruitment plan consists of the job description and the initial interview questions. This will guide you to finding the kind of candidates you are looking for. Cast a wide net and a targeted effort: Start with the easiest and least expensive methods, i.e. job postings and social networks. Based on the flow and quality of candidates, work up the pyramid towards the most expensive and labour intensive methods. Treat candidates like customers: Make sure that everyone who applies is given a genuinely fair shot at being considered, and that he or she receives follow-up and closure regardless of the outcome. Limit the number of interviewers: Identify the people within your business who interview well, and consider having these few people be on the interview teams for roles outside their domain of expertise. Move quickly when you’ve found the right person: When you have someone that fits well, move quickly before someone else hires him or her. How did you find your top talent? This article has been repurposed for this blog. Original article can be sourced from Inc.com Image courtesy of [Free Digital Photos] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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  • Team work makes the dream work. I find that in addition to a candidate having the right qualifications and experience I am also looking for a candidate that can buy into the vision of the company and can be a fit into the company's organisational culture. Its important to have the right mix of people too. Even though personality differents are inevitable but team members should at least be able to be team players.
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