SimplyBiz Magazine - Edition 5


Did you know?

  1. 68% of South African consumers are prepared to pay a premium for brands that have shown they are dedicated to making a positive social and environmental impact.
  2. The global market for low carbon environmental goods and services is estimated at €4.2 trillion.
  3. Environmental impact is the third most important factor for EU consumers, after quality and price.
  4. There are currently more than 400 environmental labels worldwide.

This month SimplyBiz is highlighting the green potential.




  • 20 Brilliant green business ideas
    The green revolution is gaining momentum and now is the time to become a part of it.
  • 7 Simple ways to green your business
    ‘The green dollar’ is becoming a powerful incentive for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Green cleaning the office makes sense and cents.
    Potentially toxic pollutants are in seemingly innocuous products such as the dishwashing liquid or the air freshener found in most businesses.
  • Green offers from SimplyBiz members.
  • Top customer care tips from our Nedbank Relationship Bankers 


Tell us how your business is joining the green revolution in the comments below!

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