What makes a good presentation?

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    Flow of business model, executive summary,product and services,marketing and competition,marketing strategy,business systems,assumptons and risks and financial planning.

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    Being a professional speaker I can give you the following tips:

    1. Don't read from your slides.
    2. A slide should not have more than 3 bullets or pieces of information on it.
    3. Avoid text, use pictures. I did a 60 minute talk, I had 67 slides, ALL of them just pictures. The pictures supported my words as I spoke.
    4. Avoid yellow on your slides.
    5. Have a structure
    6. Respect the time given.
    7. Add value to the audience, how do you want them to think, feel or take action after your presentation.
    8. Pause, give the audience some time to disgest what you just said.
    9. Start with a fact, a statistic or something that gets their attention.
    10. If your audience did not understand your presentation, then is is your fault. Not theirs.
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    Here are 9 scientifically-proven characteristics of effective public speakers that you should emulate to become an influential and inspiring leader.
    Confidence. ...
    Passion. ...
    Be Yourself. ...
    Voice Modulations. ...
    Keep it Short and Sweet. ...
    Connect with your Audience. ...
    Paint a Picture Through Storytelling. ...

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