Get your business into shape


When your business is in shape, it is positioned to withstand anything.

This is your chance to benefit from expert training and individualised coaching programmes to get your business not just financially fit, but attractive to large clients and investors.

You know what your business needs, so choose the programme that matches with your business’ needs.


Do you want to attract a major client? You could be one of 50 business owners to attend this specially curated live, online course with business-specific coaching.

Become the key supplier that bigger organisations want to do business with.

  • Get strategic – plan and prepare to land that major client.
  • Get compliant – compile your business' procurement-ready financial and legal document pack.
  • Get coaching – benefit from peer review and practical one-on-one input from leading Henley faculty.
  • Get pitch-ready – make that presentation count.
  • Get certified – with a certificate of completion from the Henley Business School, Africa, an international and quadruple-accredited Institution.

Competition closes 9 October 2022. *Terms and conditions apply.


Want to build your financial resilience and turn your business into an asset of value?

You could be one of 10 business owners to get your business financially healthy through this live, online workshop and 10 hours of one-on-one coaching.

  • Get financially powerful – strong finances enable authoritative business decision making.
  • Get a health check – an in-depth business health report and recommendations.
  • Get a business valuation – know how much your business is worth.
  • Get strategic – assess your financial needs for a sustainable future.
  • Get future-proof – understand the story behind the numbers and address blind spots with your coach, Frank Vein, who has a wealth of international and local experience advising business owners from different industries looking to build and turn around their companies.


Competition closes 9 October 2022. Terms and conditions apply.


“When money realises that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.”  Idowu Koyenikan. 

Nedbank takes your money choices seriously.

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