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Did you know? There are 32 million social network users in South Africa.

Whether you are silver-haired and still type on your phone with one finger or you’re a Gen Z with quick thumbs and TikTok on your home screen, we’ve got you!

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a must for most businesses, but it has to be intentional and specific. It’s easy to post a message, but writing a post that either educates, entertains, or engages your customers – requires work!

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highlight_1a.png Which social platform is the right one?

It all depends on your customers. Where and when are they most active? The content may stay the same, but the tone and style of your message will vary according to your audience and the platform.

Get strategic

👍 Know your target market and what’s important to them.
👍 Know your enemy – what are your competitors doing with their SMM.
👍 Know thyself – audit your own SMM activities and your return on investment.

What do you need to start, stop or continue doing?
highlight_3_1.png Develop a content calendar

Plan what you’re going to do when, on which channels and why. If you are not sure why you are sharing a particular piece of content, your customer will likely feel the same way!
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