Do you really need a website?


Any business trying to get ahead in the modern marketplace must have a website. It is the digital home of your business and a critical marketing tool.

Even if you only have a physical shop serving local customers, a website can help your business reach out to prospective and existing customers and engage with them online.

DID YOU KNOW? 84% of today's consumers think a website makes your business more credible than just having a social media page.

Six reasons why your business needs a website

  1. Reputation. Establish your brand as a professional, reliable business.
  2. Brand awareness. Showcase your brand to prospective customers.
  3. Generate leads and increase sales. Promote your products and services.
  4. Attract organic traffic. Help to improve your search engine ranking.
  5. Customer experience. Easy access to information can boost your customer experience.
  6. Updates and announcements. Remain connected with your customers 24/7.

TIP: A business domain email is a better choice than a free email account because people believe it is a reputable business. It can also be a valuable tool in generating brand awareness. For example, every time you send an email from, you're letting people know that your website address is

Common mistakes to avoid

  • Websites with outdated or irrelevant information chase customers away. According to Google, 50% of visitors bounce after viewing just one page.
  • A website that is slow to load is a home goal. 47% of users expect a maximum of 2 seconds loading time for an average website.
  • First impressions count. Poor images or bad design cause customers to click away to your competitors. Download the SimplyBiz Branding Toolkit for tips and tactics to keep your website on brand.

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Did you know? According to Contentsquare's Digital Experience Benchmark report, the average time on a page across all industries is 54 seconds. If your visitors spend less time than this, they are either unimpressed or not finding what they want. Check Google Analytics to see how your website compares.



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