SimplyBiz Magazine - Edition 13


Be a confident leader in a challenging business environment. Great leaders develop great teams and great teams give great service. 

Effective people management may be one of the most important skillsets a business owner needs. How do you maintain good vibes in your team?


Inside this edition...

Creating a positive work culture
Just how happy are your people? Create a positive and healthy culture for your team.
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The happy workplace checklist
Use this simple checklist to bring a little light relief into the workplace!
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Don’t Regret it… Password it!
How vulnerable is your business to cyber-attacks? Here are six simple, effective ways to protect against hackers.
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Introducing the SimplyBiz Art of Storytelling Hub
Meet our interns and follow their journey as they learn how to tell compelling stories. 
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Hone your time travel superpowers – by developing your soft skills

  • Problem solving, critical thinking and innovation
  • Dealing with complexity and ambiguity
  • Communication 

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