Youth-owned businesses are good for business


We’re serious about helping small businesses Do Business Better and that’s why we asked our members to take part in two polls. One was aimed at businesses who have worked with youth entrepreneurs and the other at youth businesses.

Comments from business owners about working with youth entrepreneurs

We asked business owners to share their experiences of working with youth entrepreneurs. The SimplyBiz team prides itself on trying to remain upbeat and optimistic, but we were blown away by the 100% positive feedback we received!

 Here are some of the comments to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling:

“Working with youth is like a new chapter, everything they do is what they have just learned and at the same time you learn something new because of their attitude and passion towards the service they render.”

“Young people are very professional in their work ethic. They're diligent and often go beyond the terms of work to ensure repeat business. Almost 80% of our services are procured from local youth-owned businesses.”

“I've worked in different projects with one of the young entrepreneurs who owns a graphic design agency based in Pretoria, the professionalism and the ability to deliver quality work is on another level. Since we have started working with them, we have never thought of looking for another agency.”

“Young people are an exciting group to work with, they show enthusiasm, curiosity and are willing to learn. As a former teacher, motivating them inspired them to want to know more about their ability to initiate their own businesses.”


Comments from youth entrepreneurs about the obstacles they face

Every response spoke to under-resourcing, either in terms of capital or access to technology and machinery. 

“Crime in the area. Access to 24/7 power electricity. Machinery to improve product turnaround time.”

“Location and access to relevant technology”

“Access to equipment to produce what I want to offer to the world”

“Finance, equipment and reaching clientele.”

“Access to finance”

“Collecting receivables”

“Time management, financial resources and systems”

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