Spring Clean You!


It’s time to look in the mirror and focus on you. Although I’m sure some of us have packed on a few calories over winter and we may need to get out of the track pants, I’m referring to your state of mind, not your appearance. Just as your business will benefit from a deep clean, so will your mindset. Burn out and pandemic fatigue are dangerous bedfellows. As we emerge from our winter of discontent, use the symbolism of rebirth associated with spring to give yourself a fresh start.

To help you on your way, here are four steps to let go of old thought patterns which will support positive changes in your life.


Just as unplugging often ‘fixes’ computer blips, the same applies to us mere mortals. Working around the clock is often a habit, not a necessity and rarely will your business come to a standstill if you take a day off, or (shock and horror) stop working at 5pm. 

It’s vital for your wellbeing, but also for your ability to think clearly, to give yourself the time and space to breathe, relax and yes, think. Close the laptop, put your phone on silent and do something that is not work. Better still, do nothing! Sit and smell the roses and listen to the birds.

Check your negativity feed

The news and social media bombard us with negativity. A 2020 study conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council reported that 60% of South Africans were frequently depressed, while 45% were scared and bored, and 29% were experiencing loneliness during the period of the first hard lockdown. 

To protect our sanity and our well-being, it’s essential to seek the good news and limit our exposure to the bad. By choosing what we focus on, we automatically influence our mindset and our feelings. Choose wisely.

Build your strengths

Be aware of your weaknesses and try to improve… but put more effort into building your strengths. You are likely to achieve rewards quicker and easier, which becomes a positive circle. When something works, we feel better about ourselves, which feeds self-confidence and a can-do attitude.

Care for your body

All machinery needs a service and new oil every so often. Our bodies take a lot of punishment from our lifestyles and our stress levels. Take stock of the bad habits and introduce small changes where you can. Walk rather than drive, take the steps, choose the veggies not the burger, get out into nature and treat yourself to some clean air. Little changes have big payoffs. The healthier our bodies are, the more resilient we are and the more energy we have.

Invest in a stronger, happier you!


By Janet Askew

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