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It’s women’s month, be inspired by and support our SimplyBiz women-owned businesses as they share how and why they got started.



I realised the lack of support that black business owners experienced when it came to the financial aspects of their businesses. This, together with my inherited entrepreneurial blood, gave me a strong nudge to venture out on my own.

And here I am today!

We utilise our passion and expertise in the accounting and taxation industry to create and maintain lifetime client relationships by providing each business with the best value and professional service.

Top tip: Do something you love. This will help keep you going during the difficult times.

Zuziwe Kubuli
Kubuli & Associates Inc.



My mom needed full time care.

She was wheelchair bound and we could not find a suitable, affordable, ethical home for her. So we started our own facility in 2011. Resthill has been providing quality residential care specialising in memory care for 10 years.

Top tip: If it does not bring peace, purpose or profits, then do not give it your time, energy or attention.

Esmarie Venier
Resthill Memory Care



I started doing a mixture of things including responding to Government tenders and RFPs as I was not too sure what my value proposition was. I am now clearer about it and what the persona of my target market is. I am inspired by the fact that I get to make a difference in people’s businesses.

Giving small businesses an opportunity to access funding through the service of application support, and just mentoring people who want to go into business but are not sure how to go about it.

Top tip: Have a plan, formalise your idea into a business plan and a business model canvas.

Teboho Seretlo - TL Seretlo Business Consulting



I started my business in my bedroom with two inherited sewing machines and R500.

We manufacture clothing products, homeware and corporate clothing. We are accredited with FP&M-SETA proving sewing skills training to girls falling in the NEET category.  We provide employment opportunities and restoring dignity to women in our community.

Top Tip: Get up, get dressed, show up!

Suraya Williams
Design Twenty Six



I'm inspired by leadership. The vision of the business is to unearth potential, empower leadership and enable performance excellence globally. That's why we provide learning and accredited leadership development programs and career coaching.

We empower individuals, entrepreneurs, teams and corporates. All our programs can be accessed online. We are leading in terms of using AI for recruitment, development and people management practices.

Top tip: Your business must be anchored by a greater vision and purpose, then you have to take small gradual steps to achieve it.

Marie Sebueng
IAMS Powerhouse Consulting



I started a digital marketing company from nothing with my last bit of savings. I'm coming up on the first anniversary of the business launch. I have grown to eight full-time clients as well as working on several other short term projects. I have also landed a new day job so things are pretty busy!

Top tip: Just go for it! It's scary, thrilling, stressful and hard work but so worth it!

Katherine Watts
Standout Digital Media Solutions



I started in 2015 with just one client who decided to have faith in me and thereafter more of them followed. I eventually landed a corporate contract in 2017 which helped me generate revenue of almost 7 million in 14 months. Because of the pandemic we unfortunately lost the contracts we had and we are currently working on getting back onto the market!

Top tip: Never give up, especially in the current situation be fiercer about your dreams and aspirations.

Basing Serape - African Lifestyle Travel



We started with cleaning of houses and now we are cleaning big department stores. I love what I do and that I can make a difference in my community to help our young people

Top tip: Do not give up because you are an inspiration to someone out there, no matter how small.

Barbara Isaks
N&L Cleaning Services



We are the first 100% black women owned customer experience management consultancy in South Africa.

We work with organisations across the globe to prioritise and champion customer centric improvements that unite organisations to reliably deliver experiences to customers leading to organisational commercial value. The business is designed to drive local economic development through customer experience management in order to integrate local businesses to bigger value chains and improve the global competitiveness of South African brands.

Top tip: The pandemic has opened up global opportunities, we can no longer set our eyes on local currencies only.

Mandisa Makubalo - Unlimited Experiences SA



I started by blending healing oils based on my knowledge of aromatherapy.

My range was simplistic and consisted of seven healing oils. I currently have grown the business to include skincare and body products and currently have five agents and my products are currently being sold in two separate locations in Cape Town.

Top tip: Passion is important. Understand why you are doing this and keep that focus. This will keep you focused when things go pear-shaped.

Rizia Coenraad



My daughter has a history of eczema.
I discovered shea butter and used it on her for a few days and I was impressed. It is a great alternative for people who prefer unscented skincare products. I did research on how to best source shea butter and a few months later, Ostibel Africa was born. We provide holistic beauty and wellness products made from indigenous, natural and organic ingredients. We supply organically certified shea butter.

Top tip: Start a business that compliments your passion and skills. Research is very important.

Lebitso Ramphore
Ostibel Africa



I registered my firm in March 2020, literally days before the hard lockdown started, which couldn't have been more of a bad time.

Starting a business is challenging enough as it is, but now we have added challenges as a result of the pandemic. For this reason I had to be aggressive with my marketing efforts, which is now proving to be fruitful. I'm not where I hoped to be almost one year down the line, however, my business is definitely growing. I'm proud of what I've accomplished and there's no turning back now.

Top tip: Don't ever give up, you never know if you're just one call or meeting away from landing your dream client.

Kim Sebastian-Khan
Kim Sebastian-Khan Attorneys



I was overqualified in a horrible job.

So started my business as a side hustle to my full-time job whilst being a mother to two kids. I find the flexibility of running my own business and building client relations very rewarding.

Top tip: Persevere, dedication and respect. Never let anyone break your commitment to yourself.

Safura Araf
Kickstart Solutions



I used my bonus from work in December 2020 to get started with 20 chicks. I'm now at 350 birds and in a process of building a proper room for my chicks.

Top tip: Be affordable and communicate with your customers regularly.

Amanda Zwane



I started my cleaning business during lockdown. Initially my customers came from my neighbourhood for house cleaning. As time went on, I decided to target a niche market of cleaning recording studios. Progress was a bit slow but sometimes I had customers that paid more than I charged them.

Top tip: Wish less. Do more.

Enigma Bonito Pristine


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