July Spotlight on young entrepreneurs



My business gives me the sense of living a purposeful life.

We provide pavement installation services: Installations, repairs and maintenance. We also have a copy shop within our office, where we offer printing services focused on academic and small businesses.

We got started because we felt we could have a positive impact on our society through providing useful and reliable services to our people and creating employment opportunities for myself and others.

The direction in which the business is taking is very exciting for us. The business has now hired five men and continues to show huge signs of growth. We hope to hire more people and create ample opportunities for employment.

Tumelo Ratala
Senwabarwana Pavements & Copy Shop


We're excited to empower and help youth

Mosihle is a training provider and supplier of safety gear and Personal Protective Equipment.

We started in 2018 after identifying the escalating unemployment in the townships and an increasing number of youths leaving school and enslaved by drugs and prostitution. We're steadily making progress.

We're excited to empower and help youth who struggle with substance addiction to be equipped and ready to add value to their respective communities.

Puseletso Malindi



Koete Construction is 100% black-owned construction company established in 2017. I discovered my construction while working for my brother while I was still in high school.

With no capital, starting was very difficult but because I love what I do I kept the faith and pushed forward. We now have 3 permanent and 13 temporary employees.

Not having working capital, construction equipment and heavy construction equipment, office and office equipment is still our biggest challenge.

I love what I do, and I am excited about creating jobs, making the environment safe and making a difference in my community.

Hlompho Jeffrey Nyatshe



We started off in my uncle's garage...

Mukapu is the ultimate solution in eradicating food insecurity, malnutrition, undernourishment by producing highly nutritious meal replacements at an affordable price.

The idea was to produce a nutritious meal replacement for my grandmother who is a type-2 diabetic. We wanted to create something that is tasty and contains nutrients her body needs.

We started off in my uncle's garage and now we are renting a workspace which at this point had allowed us to grow exponentially in terms of production and meeting the demand.

The potential the business has and the amount of impact we can have in the near future are some of the things that excite me. One thing about solving grand challenges is soul-fulfilling more especially when one appreciates the traces of the impact we have had.

Vhutshilo Ronald Netshiongolwe





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