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All work and no play make Jack and Jill rather boring. Have a little fun with your team and build your positivity!



Look for and reward the positive, “I can” attitudes!

Download this positive language Bingo sheet. Pin it on the notice board or have a virtual version. Every time you catch yourself or someone in your team using one of the phrases below (or something similar), point it out and then mark it off with the person’s name in the block.  The blanks are for ‘other goal-achieving statements you hear. The person/team with the most positive blocks is the winner. A small prize always adds to the fun!

This is a lighthearted reminder that we need action and positivity to achieve goals.






Name acronyms

Encourage your team to think of themselves positively!

Every team member is challenged with producing an acronym of positivity using the letters in their name e.g.

SIPHOsuccessful, inspiring, playful, hopeful, optimistic.

These can be turned into posters to remind the team that ‘can and can’t’ are optional.

Creative Space

Let your teams create their own creative space.

Challenge: Allow participants to give their workspace (virtual, at home or physical) a creative makeover. Set a tight budget – the aim is to re-use, re-purpose and do-up. Include small objects like indoor plants, wall art, personal photographs, or anything that’s creative and brings positivity. If our space is creative and positive, it encourages us to think that way too! If you can do this in teams, even better because you can bring in an element of fun competition.

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