Nedbank Relationship Bankers reveal their top customer care tips!


Did you know that as a Nedbank small business client you get access to a relationship banker?  We wanted you to meet the people behind the email or the phone. We think they’re pretty cool and we know you will be inspired by their tips on how to keep customers happy, plus some of their stories may put a smile on your face. 😀



Confidence is key, and always put yourself in the client shoes. Gratitude reciprocates!

When free isn’t free 😂

When I was a sales consultant many moons ago, one moment stands out. I assisted a client that I really had to educate on how a bank account works for his first ever job. We opened an account and I informed him for this particular account that it's free to swipe your card (I meant no fees). The next morning the client came back to me stating that he had tried to swipe his card but it didn’t work. It turned out there were no funds in the account. He believed that the purchase he was swiping for, was going to be free because I had mentioned he gets free card swipes on the account!

Jean-Michael Botha


Listen to your clients and give them your time. Show interest in what is going on in their lives and try to make them feel special. Give them a call on their birthdays and other special days.

Melusi Mbongo


You need to provide a 'safe' space for a client, ie allow them to vent if they need to. They will feel better and so will you.

Vuyo Yekela


Always deal with client queries efficiently.

Godfrey John


Lebo's top 5 customer care tips 🙌

  • Engage frequently with them to check how are they doing.
  • Show interest in their personal wellbeing.  
  • Be assertive but still show empathy and sympathy.
  • Keeping them in the loop even if you don’t have the answers.
  • Be honest when you don’t know the answer and refer the customer to someone who can help.

Lebogang Makousu


Demonstrate great interest in your clients business, find out where it comes from and what led to its success.

Ester Matlou
Relationship Banker - Gauteng


My motto is to assist clients to the best of my ability and to make them feel important. That makes HAPPY CLIENTS

Erica Jacobs
Relationship Banker - Plattekloof




  • I approach clients, knowing that I’m a client too! As a client, I expect to receive what I’ve been promised…
  • We’re all chasing sales, but sometimes we’ve got to think about what needs to be done to not only close the sale, but also to keep the customer happy for the long haul.  For example, sometimes it’s difficult to tell clients that they must provide certain compliance documents, but it’s important for their safety and ours.  We may have to consider walking away from business rather than chasing a sale irresponsibly…

  • If a client says “Thuli said”, or I make a promise, then I need to be dependable – even if this means having difficult and honest discussions.  It’s important to just keep talking – keep the communication open. E.g. everyone says they believe they can afford it… but would you lend money to someone if their track record is questionable?

  • At the end of the day, every client is special and we’re in a relationship. Let’s be honest, yet tactful with each other.

Thuli Luvuno
Relationship Banker - Gauteng



Always go the extra mile!

As a former relationship manager in RRB I have had many out of the ordinary requests from clients, however there is one request that always stands out.

When I first started my role as a relationship manager my ability and willingness were often questioned due to my age. In this particular instance, the client initially expressed concerns about my financial expertise and the "youth of today’s" unwillingness to go the extra mile. I assured the client of my capabilities and was given the benefit of the doubt.

A short while later the client was hospitalised. However, he was the sole signatory on his business account and after his operation, he was not able to manage the business nor the finances. He contacted me to ask for advice on what could be done to ensure that his business would continue to run as normal without him being able to physically manage it.

I recommended that his wife be added as a co-signatory on the account so she would be able to transact and still run decisions by him before executing. Due to his hospitalisation, going into a bank was not an option.

I offered to bring the documents to the hospital to complete and sign and then I would take them back to the office to process. There were specific visitation times in place and the client requested that I see him during 19:00 – 20:00.

The client was extremely impressed at the fact that I was willing to go above and beyond to ensure that his business could run as normal and salary payments, supplier payments etc not being affected by his absence.

The relationship was a fruitful one for myself and the client going forward with numerous referrals by the client to friends and fellow businesses to the “guy” that helped keep his business running and who was there when he needed his banker
the most.

Dawid de Jonge
Relationship Banker




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