Be loyal to your brand and faithful to your clients


What has been your greatest business success so far?
Being consistent in providing my services and honest.

What was the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown on your business?
We as a business could not operate as normal since no one could come to the salon to do their nails and hair.

What did you do to survive or thrive in 2020?
I had to find ways to market my business and make my clients feel comfortable regarding their safety by making sure I did house calls more and minimized having a lot of people in the salon.

What lessons did you learn?
That having a relationship with clients is very important, and making sure you have open communication with clients.

Do you have any tips for other small businesses?
Be loyal to your brand, be faithful to your clients and always provide room for change because change can safe your business to the better



Connected Beauty

Lucia Mhaka

Email Address:

Phone number: +27 72 648 7644

Facebook: @connected.beauty3 


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