15 Ways to love yourself and your business


The best gift you can give your business this Valentine’s Day is you!

Running a small business is often synonymous with long hours, high-stress levels and self-neglect. In fact, with some entrepreneurs, it is almost a badge of honour. Perhaps one good thing the nasty little virus has taught us is to prioritise health and wellness. Your business depends on you to be strong mentally and physically.


Complete this wellness checklist to start loving yourself.

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What self-love activities do you practice? Tell us in the comments below.

1. Breathing - I am aware of my breathing during the day and I make a point of breathing slowly and deeply when I am feeling pressurised.

2. Moving – I ensure that I move from my desk and change positions regularly. Research shows that you should stand up and move around every 30 minutes.

2. Hydrating – I drink water (doctors recommend 8 glasses of water a day) and limit coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, and alcohol.

4. Eating – I eat mainly fresh vegetables and fruit, limiting red meat and fast, sugary, or processed foods.

5. Exercising – I exercise regularly (30 minutes of light to moderate exercise 5 x a week).

6. Playing – I make time to have fun and relax every day.

7. Thinking – I make time to think, research and plan at least once a week. (Work on my business, not just in it.)

8. Planning – I practice good time management skills (Scheduling, prioritising, delegating, doing) and I plan my time to be most productive.

9. Nourishing – I nourish my mind and spirit with healthy and positive activities e.g. meditation, yoga, reading, hobbies, nature-based activities, gardening etc.

10. Networking – I exchange ideas and create contacts (online as well as physical) with other business and industry thought leaders.

11. Improving – I keep up to date with trends and events; I embrace opportunities to learn new skills.

12. Replenishing – I make the time to rest and to spend time with family and friends; I read positive, good-news articles.

13. Sleeping – I ensure that I sleep well to be rested and invigorated for the new day.

14. Avoiding – I avoid negative people and I reduce the time I spend on social media and watching the news.

15. Celebrating – I look for the small wins and victories e.g a goal met or a target achieved and I reward myself and others.


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