SimplyBiz Magazine - Edition 3


Love your Small Business!

Owning your own business is a bit like starting a love affair. At first, you fall in love with the idea. Then you spend many hours dreaming about your future together. And sometimes it ends in tears. Whether you’re in a healthy or rocky relationship with your business, it’s the Month of Love, so take a few minutes to show it some love.

Our February edition of the SimplyBiz Magazine is live! Read it now to get handy tips on how to love yourself, your business and your customers.



  • BackaBusiness - Join the 28-day crowdfunding campaign.
  • 5 Reasons to love your mall business - As with any relationship, it is essential to pause, appreciate and celebrate the positives.
  • 15 ways to love yourself and your business - Your business depends on you to be strong mentally and physically - Download free self-love checklist
  • Surviving 2020 - SimplyBiz members share their stories.
  • Amazing discount vouchers 
  • Tips from our Shifting Gears winners
  • Brilliant B2B Deals from SimplyBiz members.


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