There's always room to shift gears!


What was the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown on your business?
Lockdown brought our revenue to zero until August. The ban on inter-provincial travel meant our core markets (Gauteng: Jo'burg & Pretoria) couldn't get to us anymore in Harties (North-West).

What did you do to survive or thrive?
We advanced our annual maintenance program, created a brand new website for local bookings with our own booking and payment facilities, re-strategized our marketing campaigns and reduced spend to an absolute minimum - avoiding lay-offs.

What lessons did you learn?
There's always room to re-prioritize, re-strategize, modernize and shift gears - albeit within certain parameters inherent to the business as such.

Do you have any tips for other small businesses?
Always keep an open mind - never discard ideas outright, rather keep notes to refer back to in times of stress - look at what others do around the world. No problem is unique, everyone has to deal with things and we can always learn from each other.

Chris Grosch

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