We shall rise again.


What was the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown on your business?
Covid-19 has brought some good and negative impact on my business, the good impact is that it gave us the opportunity to produce cloth masks. Which has made a huge difference in our company. Therefore, we were able to sell hundreds of masks which made difference for our income. However; there was a negative impact whereby people stopped buying other product such as school uniform and designer clothes.

What did you do to survive or thrive?
We introduce a product that was needed such as three-layer cloth masks and Balaclava, people respond in a positive way and begin to support us. We also have the motivation that kept us going no matter how hard it is.

What lessons did you learn?
As a leader I learned that good communication skills are very important when running a business, there were times where I was forced to sit down and communicate with my employees, and I had to use emotional intelligence just to show them that times are hard but we shall rise again.

Do you have any tips for other small businesses?
We will never achieve anything in the comfort zone, this pandemic it's here to test us and shake us, but we need to understand that before we made some hard decisions, let's think of the families that we support and be proud that we making a difference in people's lives. No matter how hard it is, we shall rise again.

Kuvonakala Mavunda

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