BackaBusiness - crowdfunding in a shifted world


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost


The business landscape has shifted and many people are asking ‘What now?’

At Nedbank, we vote small business, and one of the ways we do this is by helping small-business owners close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

This is your opportunity to also back a business owner who   is either starting a business or re-energising their business – a daunting path in the current economic situation, so they need to know you’ve got their back.

What is it?

The BackaBusiness movement  is a crowdfunding opportunity to support entrepreneurs with your heart and wallet, to help them grow and thrive in the ‘new normal’.  The businesses you are about to support have taken the steps to:

  • Get into Gear to start up or start afresh; or
  • Change Gears to reimagine and redesign,

… and they need your support.

New and growing small-business owners set up a campaign to raise funds, while backers (like yourself) support their chosen business:

  • on a buy now, redeem later basis; or
  • by investing in their new concept.

This is trade, not aid.




Have a great idea but need funds to get it to market? Want to formalise your side hustle? Need to grow or pivot your business?

Register on and sign up for the Shifting Gears bootcamp.

Covid-19 has changed the way we do business, so you need to do things differently too. Never has the need for strategising been greater. In the bootcamp you will action a viability and business plan to be ready to pitch in just eight steps.

Shifting Gears is designed to help entrepreneurs:

  • Get into Gear to start up or start afresh.
  • Change Gears to reimagine or redesign their business.

Use the power of the crowd with potential clients, family and friends.

A chance to win with Shifting Gears

  • On completion of the bootcamp you will be rewarded with a copy of either the Nedbank Business Companion Guide or The Book That Every Business Owner Should Read.
  • There is also a competition in which 200 entrepreneurs can win their share of R1 million in prizes (in advertising, coaching, cash for raising R5 000 in your BackaBusiness campaign or a website). Terms and conditions apply.

What you need to do:

  • Calculate how much money will you need to start or change your business. (Be specific).
  • Map your network of potential backers – your customers, friends, family, etc.
  • Decide whatfuture reward you can offer for cash now.
  • Register on and complete either the Get into Gear or Change Gear bootcamps
  • Start a project on Thundafund with your SimplyBiz email address.
  • Claim your Crowdfunding Handbook with the ready-to-go marketing pack.
  • Tell your story– why the crowd should support your business. We’ll help you!
  • Once your campaign is live – share it! Encourage your network to share it too.


Be a backer, a small-business supporter– they need your vote!

Vote with your wallet:  

  • Contribute to your favourite small-business’s campaign and get a reward.
  • Champion their project by inspiring others to support.

Vote with your heart: 

  • Share their campaign on social media to your own network.
  • Volunteer your time or skills.


 Discover SimplyBiz businesses to support.

Shifting Gears terms and conditions

For more information visit 

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