Create a Powerful LinkedIn profile

This is your opportunity to put your best foot forward. Take it seriously and take the time to do it properly!

Common mistakes:

  • Hastily completed blocks
  • Incomplete information
  • “consultant speak”
  • Unprofessional profile picture or no picture
  • ‘Headline’ that is vague or does not highlight what you offer
  • ‘About’ section that is simply a list of jobs.

The headline and the about summary are the first things people see when they look at your profile, it’s also what people will see on a Google search. You have 2 to 3 seconds to catch their attention. This is the place to shout out to the world about your qualifications, real experience, core skills and talents, and what you can offer. What is unique about you?

To create a powerful profile, follow this checklist:

LinkedIn profile checklist:

  • Upload a clear and professional photo, dressed in professional or industry relevant clothing.
  • Use the “Experience” section to include industry keywords and sell your achievements. 
  • Keep it real. Speak in plain English and don’t exaggerate.
  • Add interest to your profile.  (e.g., accomplishments, skills, volunteer experience, certifications, expertise.)
  • Ask your network to endorse you in the “Skills & Endorsements” section.  (Skills with the most endorsements are listed first).
  • Include referrals and recommendations.  (Be wary of including comments from your teacher or pastor. Keep it in the business world.)
  • Share interesting content and add your thoughts.(This positions you as a possible thought leader.)
  • “Recent Activity.”  Check what your connections are up to - what are they posting, liking and commenting on? Like, share or comment or on their posts.
  • Connect, connect, connect. (Start with your immediate network and look for people in their network, who may be in a similar industry or career.)
  • Join industry or career related groups. This allows you to connect with people who may be influencers.
  • Check in regularly and keep your profile updated with any changes.
  • Include links to your business website and social media.
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