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Compliance Checklist 

  • Every employer is required to undertake a risk assessment to give effect to the minimum measures required in a workplace.
  • All employers must create awareness of the virus and inform employees of the manner of transmission and measures to prevent transmission
  • Notify employees that if they are sick or have Covid-19 symptoms they must stay home and take sick leave.
  • Businesses must provide hand sanitiser for use by the public and employees at the entrance to the premises.
  • If the employee presents with symptoms or advises the employer of such symptoms the employer must not permit entry into the workplace and must ensure that the employee is tested or referred to a testing site.
  • The employer must provide employees who may come into contact with the public as part of their duties with a cloth face mask or another appropriate item to cover his or her nose when in a public place.
  • Every employer must keep the workplace well ventilated and ensure that filters are cleaned and replaced.

 Compliance Officer

The employer must designate a Covid-19 Compliance Officer who is required to oversee the implementation of the Workplace Plan (see below) and adherence to the standards of hygiene and health protocols relating to Covid-19 at the workplace.

Workplace Plan

Employers must develop a Workplace Plan (Plan) for the phased return of their employees to the workplace, prior to reopening the workplace for business. This Plan must conform to industry and level-specific regulations and contain the following information:

  • The date the business will open and operating hours.
  • The steps taken to get the workplace Covid-19 ready.
  • Which employees are permitted to work – when and where.
  • What the plans are for the phased-in return of employees to the workplace
  • A list of staff members who can work from home, who are 60 or older, and staff with comorbidities, who will be required to stay at home or work from home. (If an employee can work from home, or reasonably practicable steps can be taken to enable this, the employer should permit her/ him to do so.)
  • The health protocols that are in place to protect employees and customers from Covid-19(including sanitary and social distancing measures, screening facilities and systems, attendance record system and infrastructure, the designated area where the customers are served, canteen and bathroom facilities).
  • The details of the Covid-19 Compliance Officer.
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  • As a college that reports to the Department of Higher Education and Training we need to ensure that we are 100% compliant.  We undergo regular audits so this is an absolute must for us.

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  • It is very important for companies to ensure all health and safety rules and guidelines are followed. 

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