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If you want to start your dream business, test your business idea, formalise a side hustle or simply find an alternative income stream, this is the place to get your business up and running quickly. 

We have done the foundation work for you; and all you need to do is work through the sections diligently. Eight simple steps will take your high-level concept and turn it into a solid business plan.


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Eight reasons to start

  1. Guided learning offers real takeaways for you and your business.

  2. Learn from others’ ‘if I had to start over’ lessons will save yourself the lesson down the line.

  3. Online learning and relevant resources are just a click away.

  4. Learn at your own pace.

  5. Do assessments to help monitor your progress towards your business goals.

  6. Access ready-to-use templates and guides to help you.

  7. Build a business plan to present to potential investors or clients.

  8. It’s time to get pitch-ready, just go for it!

Who will benefit?

Anyone who says:

‘I have a dream.’

‘I want to know if my business is on the right track.’

‘I have a side hustle.’

‘I have been retrenched or am retired and have  time and ideas on my mind.’

‘I am unemployed and need an income.’

How it works

Simply follow the eight steps. Once you have completed the action in each step, this will effectively create a one-page business plan for you that you can use in your pitch deck.

The articles, masterclasses and tools are there to help you think about each step and to ensure that you have fully considered the pros, cons and pitfalls relating to your specific business idea.

Assessments are built into the material for you to monitor your progress. Are you ready?   

Download the Get into Gear workbook 👇



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