10 Tips for successful crowdfunding!


  1. Be committed – Work your campaign!
  2. Be determined – 42% of funds are raised in the first 3 and last 3 days.
  3. Be personal – The best outreach is personalised – people are more likely to respond if they know you.
  4. Be active – When people see activity in your campaign, they’re more likely to give.
  5. Tell a good story – People are willing to give if you give them a cause worth supporting.
  6. Have a team – Don’t go it alone (call on family and friends to help).
  7. Be realistic – Don’t set too high a goal – aim for the R10K reward and then go further.
  8. Keep momentum – Campaign momentum is really important – stick to the daily High 5!
  9. Be a marketer – Advertise the campaign before you go live.
  10. Be creative – Communicate and sell your campaign.

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