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Attracting the right people to your company begins with the right advertisement. There are a number of channels through which to advertise:

  • advertising directly, via social media, in newspapers or in magazines
    • recruitment agencies
    • networking - friends, existing employees and business contacts
    • recruiting directly from training institutions, colleges and universities

Regardless of the medium/s you choose, spending time on designing an effective job advertisement will save time, money and hopefully attract the right pool of candidates.

  1. Clarify the actual role

The Job description or profile should specify the main functions and responsibilities, minimum qualifications, skills & attributes, as well as authority levels. Refer to the job profile when compiling the advertisement.

Link to a JD template here

  1. Identify your audience

Who are you advertising to and where are you likely to find him/her? Recruitment agencies are effective, but they are expensive. Can you reach your potential target audience by networking or via social media? Referrals are free and automatically a certain degree of screening has been done.

  1. Sell it!

Once you have written the basic advert, check for spelling and grammar and test to see if it is attractive. Does the company and the position sound good? Can you incorporate a link to a video or flattering press coverage? Include testimonials if appropriate. Make it easy for people to share your advert with their social networks thereby extending your reach.  

Job Advert Template

Company Name:

  • Insert the company logo to reinforce brand recognition
  • If the company trades as a different name from what is registered, use the trading as name

Job Title:

  • Check that the title is generally accepted and recognised in the industry to avoid confusion

Salary Package

  • Transparency about the salary range and benefits helps to screen applicants and indicates to the job hunter the level of seniority


  • Be specific and indicate irregular hours or travel requirements, if that is the case e.g. “Based in Johannesburg CBD; travel to major cities within South Africa may be required.”
  • Indicate if you will be willing to assist with relocation expenses

Short Job Description:

  • List the main roles & responsibilities
  • Who will the employee report to?
  • Refer to authority levels

Describe your company:

  • Sell your company by emphasizing the positives e.g. “We are a small team of professional consultants and everyone has the opportunity to lead projects. Our clients vary from NGOs to blue chip corporates, so the work is varied and challenging. You will have a unique opportunity to learn and gain experience in all aspects of project management and client relationship management.”

Describe the Successful Candidate:

  • Be clear about the “must–haves” as opposed to the “nice-to-haves” e.g. “If you are a self-starter, with strong communication skills and a desire to learn, this could be the growth opportunity you have been seeking. Candidates should have a financial or legal Bachelor degree but applicants who can prove equivalent work experience will also be considered.”
  • Valid driving licence is essential

Instructions as to how and when to contact the company:

Please email your confidential C.V. attention (Ms. X …………………………………..) to ( by 12 noon 5 December 2017 or telephone (011 800 8000) for further information.



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