Covid-19: Small Businesses Rising to the Challenge - Focus on your Employees

Building Resilience Muscle as a Business


Focus on your Employees

Your employees are afraid of loss of income and/or their jobs, in addition to their personal health concerns. Discuss the situation with them and be open about the options available. Involve them in coming up with alternatives to shut downs and health protocols.

✔️ If your business is considered to be essential, brainstorm how to keep the business operational within the confines of the law and social distancing. Step into the ‘never tried that before’ zone… Reassure employees that you have their health interests at heart.

✔️If it is financially feasible, offer paid annual leave and/or part pay should employees need to stay at home.

✔️Assist employees to apply for UIF, under the newly relaxed regulations.

✔️If your employees are working online from home – clarify expectations on both sides, to avoid frustration and unnecessary stress. Factor in the costs and availability of Wi-Fi, data and our load shedding situation when setting deliverables and deadlines.

✔️Stay in touch with employees while they are working remotely and offer support and motivation. Have virtual group check- ins via Skype or WhatsApp.

✔️Should you be forced to lay off, show empathy and ensure that you are labour law compliant.


By Janet Askew

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