Building Resilience Muscle as an Individual


Did you know? Isaac Newton (yes, the apple guy) developed his theories on gravity and motion while in isolation from the Bubonic Plague!

The pandemic and lockdown regulations, civil unrest and the deepening economic crisis are taking their toll. There is understandably much fear and confusion, especially for small business owners who have been directly or indirectly impacted by riots. The reality is that disasters are a part of life, it is how we plan for and adapt to them that determines how we weather them. Building our “Resilience Muscle”, as individuals and in our businesses has never been more important.

Resilience is described as the ability to bounce back quickly from setbacks, whether personal, business, or natural disasters. A positive attitude and the ability to cope better are hallmarks of resilience. The good news is that we can develop our resilience muscle with practice, just like we have to build muscle at the gym.

So what can you do?

Your fears about the future of your business and livelihood are probably clouding every decision you make, or worse, causing you to freeze.

Stop, breathe and try to practice the following:

  • Nurture your positive relationships with friends, family, employees and other business owners. Be supportive and ask for help when you need it.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and input – the right online communities are a source of knowledge and inspiration.
  • Develop a sense of humour!
  • Practice an abundance and gratitude mentality and actively look for opportunities. (Follow Isaac Newton’s example). There are many free abundance and gratitude Apps available.
  • Take time to think and make realistic plans.
  • Ask ‘what can we do?’ – avoid focusing on what we can’t.
  • Acknowledge your fears, but don’t give in to them.
  •  Make the tough decisions sooner rather than later.
  • Try to help others – it is truly empowering and feeds into a sense of positivity.
  • Ask ‘why not?’ – then do it!
  • Remember South Africans are renowned for being able “to make a plan”.


By Janet Askew

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