19 July - Finding the right supplier for your business online

Want to know what the first step to finding a reliable supplier online is? How to vet suppliers and sort the genuine from the many chancers? Our webinar this Friday is with Mbali Ndhlovu, founder of I Know a Guy. She will talk about how I Know a Guy was born, the problem it solves and what people should look out for when searching for suppliers online.


The Soweto-born entrepreneur is the architect of one of the most active Facebook communities, with an ecosystem of over 130 000 individuals engaging to source services and make recommendations for products and services. I know a Guy positioned Mbali as an influencer and she is now a regional community leader for Facebook's Community Leadership Circles. Passionate about the creative arts and project management as well, she has a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry and is skilled in digital strategy, budgeting, communications management and events and sales management.


Watch the webinar below:


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