Business security holiday tips


The festive period may leave some business owners with a false sense of security but it’s vital that employers remain vigilant.

Staff members can unknowingly put your business at risk and open the door to a virus or spyware, which can have devastating consequences to your business and clients. Here are a few tips to help you mitigate security risks during this time of the year:

Consider the cloud: The cloud has made storing data and accessing Apps from anywhere much easier. Make sure you take control of your data in the cloud by choosing a trusted provider who is open with you about where your data is held and how this may change. Read more about cloud computing for your business Here are a few factors to consider before moving to the cloud

Educate your staff: Enforce a thorough Internet security policy for employees that covers threat management across PC, mobile and social media activity.

Be accountable: This may sound simple, but always ensure that there is someone within the business that is responsible for monitoring the current security threats.

Limit outside access to company data: Ensure you take the necessary precautions to protect employees that are accessing the corporate network and applications outside the office. Research conducted earlier this year revealed that nearly one in two small businesses has experienced a security breach caused by a staff member and his / her personal device.

To avoid comprising a business’ security, employers should perhaps introduce an internal policy that will govern how employees use their devices for work purposes.

What security measures do you enforce to protect your business during the holiday season?

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