Things that can kill your start-up

0148._Things_that_can_kill_your_start-up.jpegHunting sales whales: Sometimes it’s better to get your feet wet with smaller accounts. Don’t rush into projects that you don’t have the capacity to handle.

Outside consultants: Be strategic when enlisting professionals with high hourly rates, such as attorneys and accountants. Look to a mentor for strategic guidance and practical advice.

A high-end website: Unless it’s e-commerce-reliant, start with a no-frills website. You can roll out major improvements, such as regularly refreshed content, multimedia, and a mobile-friendly design when your business grows.

Outside of marketing, advertising, and PR: Rely on grassroots and guerrilla tactics to start.

New product/services: Focus on your strongest offering first. You can add others once your existing product or service provides a strong, sustainable revenue stream and enough cash reserves to invest in new offerings.

Do you recognize some points that you can relate to?

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