How to create an outstanding brochure


Your company brochure should provide a clear and brief description of your business objectives.

This will help you influence potential customers in various places that you as the business owner couldn’t reach out to personally.

Follow these tips to design a brochure that will be an effective marketing tool for your business:

Good Headline - The headline should highlight common problems experienced by your targeted audience and the solutions your business will provide. For instance, a security company may use a headline that appeals to a need for safety - "Sleep better at night!"

Remember the basics - Pay attention to detail when it comes to company information, contact details, logo, and tagline. Add graphics, images, and quality images of your products for an eye-catching touch.

Keep it simple - Avoid conveying too many messages that will dilute your main points. Keep the language simple so your audience can easily understand what you offer them and how you will do it.

Don't be flimsy - Irrespective of the size of your business and financial resources, make sure that you use quality paper to give your brochure some credibility. An untidy brochure shows that you put little thought and effort into it... not the best message to send to the customers you are trying to win over.

Induce a call to action -  To ensure your brochure serves as an effective marketing tool it must induce a call to action, e.g. an offer for a free product/sample.

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