Online collaboration tools


Businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance productivity and inject some flexibility to improve employees’ quality of life.

Online collaboration tools are one way to achieve this.


They allow people in different physical locations and even time zones to communicate with each other in real time. The benefits for small business owners include being able to work off-site (and giving employees opportunities to do the same), ensuring they are always ‘plugged in’ and in control. Small business owners can lower their overheads or access more diverse skills by hiring independent contractors instead of permanent employees, who do not necessarily have to be in the same city.


Post By: Fadzai Munyaradzi


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  • One of the latest online collaboration tools is WhatsApp!Other online collaboration tools we use include Skype/Lync. I’d say the biggest advantage of online collaboration is itenhances productivity so you can doonline meetings and video conferencing etc.). Do you use none one or several online collaboration tools?
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