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Creative and unconventional. Socially aware, tech-savvy and a force for positive change. Young entrepreneurs do business differently!

We are featuring 10 businesses run by u30s… find out why they got started and what excites them.



At Mediherb Pharm we have produced a range of herbal tonics, tinctures, soaps, creams, capsules, and ointments that have little or no side effects at all.

I would like to open an institute to teach people about herbs. I see this business opening doors for many others to start their own business.

Nondumiso Mahomed


I was inspired by women building something for themselves and I feel like I could inspire another young woman as I am the youngest Maid4U franchisee.

I am excited about employing, training and creating job opportunities for women.

Nthabiseng Letlhage


I started my business as a legacy for my kids but mostly to become an example to the youth in my community that no matter how difficult life may be, it's possible to come from a disadvantaged place and still make it big.

Helping make people's lives easier makes me proud to wake up every morning.

Mpho Dikhang


I believe in energy efficiency and saving the planet from dangerous emissions that traditional power solutions to clean air gas heating and cooling.

My hope is that every single home would save both power and money by installing gas, which has the effect of reducing our carbon emissions and hence reduce the effects of global warming and pollution.

James Theunissen



Mcusi Accounting Services helps SMEs become compliant while managing their finances and planning for business growth adequately.

I'm excited about teaching our clients how to manage their business' finances effectively. We want our clients to be more confident and comfortable when it comes to talking numbers. Basically, we're excited about SME financial literacy and freedom.

Sam Nkabinde




S&K Roofing is a youth-owned company providing quality exterior and interior painting and roof cleaning. We believe we have a social obligation to eradicate unemployment.

We want to build the business to not only make money but also create employment opportunities for all.

I'm excited about growth expansion and providing employment to all youth and anyone with sober habits.

Imraan Smith


Pinel M recycles plastic to change our communities from waste dumping zones to clean environments. I felt a need to create employment opportunities for youth and to save our environment. 

Pinel Motswagole


Counselling is something that I love to do and every client has their own unique story.

Lynette Fouche


We custom design and make leather shoes, sandals, belts and earrings. The journey has been an exciting one, starting in a back room to now trading at retail level. The plan is to have a ready-to-wear range.

Bongani Moko


Starting a business is risky and difficult but it can be life-changing. I love being my own boss and having the opportunity to help others. 

Owning my own company excites me every day because of the opportunities to grow and create a better life for myself. I want to win an award as the best company one day!

Nomasonto Ngwenya







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