Top 5 business threats you must be aware of



  • The threat from targeted attacks:


Today the Internet is part of nearly every aspect of life. Our dependence on it means that we’re susceptible to attacks of all kinds - cyber-theft, cyber-espionage and social or political protest (so-called ‘hacktivism’).

  • The importance of developing a security policy:

So it’s important to invest in security. This means developing a security strategy. But it should be one that’s specifically tailored to your business, not one based solely on a generic ‘best practices’ template or loose ‘guesstimates’ about the overall cost of cybercrime.

  • Staff education is essential:

Although many of today’s threats are highly-sophisticated, often the starting point for a targeted attack is to try and trick individuals in a company into doing something that jeopardizes corporate security.

  • Implementing ‘follow me’ security:

The traditional ‘workplace’ is disappearing. So the task of securing data has become harder for businesses as staff increasingly conduct businesses ‘on the go’: at home, at the airport, in the hotel – or anywhere else they can get a wireless signal.

  • Keep business applications updated:

One of the key methods used by cybercriminals to install malware on victims’ computers is to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities in applications.

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