7 steps on how to perk up your post-holiday blues


How will you beat the January blues? This month is often very dead for small businesses even in a good economy. Business is slowly kicking off, employee and staff morale still needs to be motivated.

Here are 7 ways to get things started:

Clearance Party: Merchandise that has been leftover from last year that needs to be cleared out, why not make an event out of it? This is also an opportunity to introduce your customers to new merchandise on offer for this year.

Take a poll: This initiates interaction between you and your customers about your services. Once you understand your market you will give them what they want thus they will keep flocking back.

Trim Expenses: Revisit all your costs and expenses that you never had a chance to address. Get new competitive bids on all your outsourced and independent services that aid your small business.

Network: Take advantage of this quiet month as the time to network and attend as many business events as you can. Host your own events opening up networking channels between you and fellow small business owners.

Buy Closeouts: Be on the lookout for bargains from shops that are closing down after the holidays. You can also attend merchandise auctions or visit closeout websites online.

Look for Opportunities: Are new businesses providing a similar service opening up close to you. If competitors are going bust or scaling back this is the right time to market more aggressively to capture the market share. You need to always be on the lookout for innovative ways to increase your market share.


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