The golden rules of negotiating

49._The_golden_rules_of_negotiating.jpegThe aim of a negotiation is to come to an agreement about a proposal, and the way to do this is to build value in your offer.

Here are some key rules to keep in mind:

Always start the negotiations: You must initiate the process because whoever controls the start of the negotiations tends to control where they end. If you let the other party start negotiations, you will be constantly giving up control, often without even realizing it.

Always negotiate in writing: Many professional salespeople make the mistake of discussing and working on the terms of an agreement without ever committing their ideas to a written agreement. But the purpose of negotiations is to arrive at a formal written agreement.

Always stay cool: The negotiation table can be loaded with agendas, egos, and emotions. Great negotiators know how to stay cool, providing leadership and solutions, while the rest of the room becomes insanely invested in personal agendas and useless emotions.

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