How to uncover exceptional talent


When recruiting new employees business owners generally search for candidates within narrow and time-tested backgrounds.

Many organizations are now finding smart ways to broaden their net without wrecking the balances involved in a conventional hiring system.

Three significant techniques to guide you:

Break down the barriers that restrict where you look There are many potential candidates that get overlooked because of geography, status or background. Employers need to have the willingness to consider the “unlikely” when everyone else is fussing over the same limited pool of candidates.

When you’re exploring, ask: “What can go right”? Great discoveries are most likely to occur when one suspends their skepticism in the initial stage, so that you leave no room for “expectations”.

Figure out how you can take tiny chances, so you can take more of them The perfect strategy to success is still so mysterious that everyone relies heavily on hunches and patience. The long pool of talent becomes off-limits when it becomes expensive to consider candidates who might not work out. However the most successful talent spotters steal an edge anyways.

Realistically smaller companies cannot win bidding wars with bigger companies to hire the “obvious superstars”. They need to adopt a guerilla strategy of picking up “unlikely” candidates that larger rivals are not bothered to pursue.

This is a main strategy to uncover the “rare find” thus spotting exceptional talent before everyone else.


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