Sales tips for the festive season


This time of the year creates great opportunities for you to solidify the relationship you have with your existing customer base and hopefully attract new ones through great referrals. Here are some marketing options to consider as part of your small business holiday toolkit:

Beef up your customer support: You need to have proactive measures that will facilitate your customer support during this busy time of the year. Email marketing campaigns and displaying customer reviews on your website can help increase your consumer trust. Alternatively, you can hire a few temporary holiday staff to help you manage the workload and influx of customer requests.

Promotions, Incentives, and Giveaways: Offer your customers a solution; think about the season and what you can do to help them get through the stress and expense of the holidays. Allowing them to spend but not feel guilty about it. Rather than simply discounting your services, offer a packaged offering: "Buy X service now and we'll provide Y for free in the new year."

Get your website ready for the holidays: Decorate your Website – Set the tone by theming it according to the season. It's a simple tactic that adds a human touch to your operations and makes online shopping more inviting for the consumer. Don't forget Social Media - Customise your Twitter page and Facebook logo for the holidays too. Always ensure that your online merchant tools are working properly.

Email Marketing: Segment your customers according to their buying habits. The mailer must be short and brief with direct links to your promotional offers rather than the home page. This will make the process and engagement from your customers as easy as possible. State your intent clearly in the subject line - For example, "Thank you for your business - Here's a special offer just for you."

Do you have some great holiday sales tips that you want to share with us?

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