Remembering to have fun as a business owner


Depending on their reasons for starting a business (e.g. out of necessity, to take advantage of an opportunity), small business owners’ mindsets can range from anxious ‘do or die’, too focused but not unduly stressed, to relaxed and easygoing.

For some people, the knowledge that a lifetime’s savings have been invested in the business, or fear that they will be mocked and belittled if they fail can make the idea of having fun seem downright dangerous or oxymoronic. But having fun is good for small business owners.

It helps to sustain your passion and enthusiasm through good times and bad, ensuring that your business is not a fly-by-night.

It creates opportunities to have a refreshingly different approach to how you treat your employees and your customers, getting them to keep coming back for more through thoughtful but light-hearted initiatives. Having fun eases some of the tensions and frustrations associated with being a small business owner, reducing the feelings of being burdened and alone, and enhancing your sense of well-being.

Whilst there are different interpretations of what it means to have fun, there are certain boundaries that small business owners should observe. Humiliating people or endangering their lives in the name of fun is off limits, as is extravagant spending and unlawful activities and behavior.

Some small business owners may argue that they are in business to make money or to make a difference in society, and having fun is not part of the picture. There exists no conclusive research that proves small business owners who do not have fun are less entrepreneurial or successful than those who do.

Small business owners who are not naturally predisposed to having fun should at least spare a thought for their customers and employees; some people do want to have fun once in a while, and it can be done in such a way that it strengthens the business’ reputation and creates opportunities for growth.

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