How to avoid every entrepreneurs worst enemy


When your goals aren’t big enough and you are no longer sold on your own vision, the symptoms of losing interest – what many call “burnout” – are experienced.

Anytime you stop reaching for massive success and start settling, you will have problems:

Comfort zones are the enemy Stop being comfortable and are motivated. Once you become too comfortable, you fail to identify possible opportunities to explore for your business. In order for you to grow as an entrepreneur, you need to go through periods of change and times of vulnerability.

Never apologize for ambition There will always be people who don’t believe in your vision and it’s up to you to prove them wrong. Ambition fuels passion and this will drive you to work harder in order to achieve your goals.

Make yourself uncomfortable You will keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive and thriving by always reaching for more.


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  • Comfort zones usually come with success. Growth and creativity comes in times when you are not doing so well. Do business like you are down when you are up and then you will succeed.
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