5 Steps to improving survey feedback you get 


Every organization values feedback. But what's the best way to make sure it's high quality?

Here are 5 steps to guide you:

Never forget this simple question:  Can our (prospective) customer pay for this?

It's important to think about whether your new product solves a customer's problem. But your solution only matters if

(a) your customers can afford it, and

(b) you can profit from it.

Cultivate a network of feedback providers:

Use focus groups and feedback sessions to solicit feedback from your existing and potential clients. Expose participants to the problem you're potentially solving for them and provide a clear definition of what you want to achieve through their feedback.

Grade your feedback providers:

Develop attributes through which you will grade the quality of feedback you receive: the content of comments, the ability to appraise a product's potential value and open-mindedness to new ideas.

Develop a visual method for blending qualitative and quantitative feedback:

This will help you paint a picture of what you ultimately want to achieve.

Find out how potential customers would actually use the products if they had them:

Paint a picture of how your product/service will fit into your customer’s lives, how would they use it and how will it benefit them.


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