Customers are an integral part of your business


Most business owners often focus on the money and not the customer who brings the money.

Your customers/clients are an integral part of your business.

As a small business owner, you need to look at your customers as your partners. Ultimately this is a mutually beneficial partnership and each side has a role to play.

Here are some tips for your role as a business owner in this partnership:

Maintain regular contact with your customers: Be careful not to spam their inboxes every day with mail but determine a frequency that will make sure you keep regular contact.

Email marketing and using social media, are some effective examples to help you share and receive feedback from your customers.

Loyalty programmes and discounts: Keep track of all your regular customers; these are the people that always support your existing and new product developments. Establish a loyalty and discount programme to show your appreciation.

Get to know your customers: Initiate conversation and ask their names when they walk in. People like to be acknowledged and offering service to someone whilst addressing them in their name makes them feel acknowledged. They feel valued and will often engage with you, giving you tips and ideas of what they want. Use this moment to personalize their customer experience.

Even before you became a business owner you were once on the other side.

This role has slightly changed now that you have your own business.

As a customer then, what expectations did you have? Are you fulfilling those expectations for your customers now?


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