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Emergency tools for small business owners to use now.

Do the “Ease Checklist”. Donna McCallum who runs the Flow Experience has an “ease checklist” which helps you connect into ease when you are in resistance, struggle, challenge or obstacles. McCallum suggests asking yourself the question, “Where is the ease in my life right now?” and focusing there. This will help get the momentum going again. Other mini ease actions include taking a nap or shower or putting your bare feet on the ground.Listen to a short Podcast with an uplifting message. Download a podcast to your smart phone, plug in your earphones and listen on the go. Try this 5-minute podcast when you’re feeling self-doubt and a lack of motivation or the Charged Life series with Brendon Burchard or search for podcasts on a quick guided meditation online. A short meditation can clear your head and give you a boost.

A quick Google search will reveal an assortment of free, guided meditations for the picking. Try this 10-minute meditation to relax and rejuvenate or this five-minute meditation to get you back into the present. You could also invest in a transcendental meditation (TM) course. TM is one of the daily habits of outrageously successful people like David Lynch, Jerry Seinfeld and Katy Perry, among many others.

Go for a run. If you’re not running fit, try downloading one of the “Couch to 5K” running apps. These start you off easy, with one minute of running followed by a minute and a half of walking – increasing the running time little by little each week. If you’re very unfit, you can always repeat your first week until you feel ready for more. A run can help you clear your head and come up with new ideas and solutions, plus there’s the added benefit of endorphins. It’s also much easier to fit in a run than get yourself geared up to go to gym.

Delegate. Even Richard Branson said you can’t do it all by yourself. Take one task off your hands today by delegating it to someone else. If you’re not good at delegating, practice. Give someone a small task to do and build up their and your confidence. If you don’t have anyone to delegate to right now, then look at the tasks you can delegate to tomorrow, to the next day and to next week.Increase your comfort zone. Wealth creator and coach, Dr Hannes Dreyer suggests increasing your comfort zone as a gentler way of getting out of your comfort zone. On his list of tips to increase your comfort zone there are simple actions like eating something different, reading a book you wouldn’t normally read, sitting in a different place (in your home or office), saying hi to a stranger or picking up the phone to call someone you haven’t spoken to in six months.Get a pep talk from Kid President. Kids very often offer simpler (and funnier) truths that we forget or overlook. Kid President is 12-year old boy Robby Novak. Despite having brittle bone disease, he teaches others how to be happier and stronger through his funny and wonderful wisdoms, like “Life is tough, but so are you” and “You can’t be sad when you’re holding a cupcake”. Get this pep talk from Kid President and for more, more, more, go to his website

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  • Guided meditations are so good. I start the day every day with an 8 minute guided meditation, and it calms and focusses me. I am a much better person to my loved ones too.

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