5 steps for keeping your star employees


High-performing employees are your most important asset. Here’s how you can keep them around for the long term: 

Keep them entertained 

These employees excel because they're smart, active and curious. They are always looking for something new and interesting to do. Satisfy that need by providing them with a constant stream of interesting assignments and projects. 

Give them visibility 

Provide them the visibility they crave by inviting them to give presentations to potential clients and give them an opportunity to lead high-profile teams or participate in management offsite meetings. Encourage them to make key connections within the industry and use them as your brand advocates. 

Provide them with mentors 

Your top employees will benefit from being assigned to a mentor or mentorship programmes that will up-skill and keep them motivated. 

Make them responsible and then reward them 

Put them in charge of a new customer initiative, assign them to leadership roles in cross-functional teams, or have them start a new venture in an entirely new area of business. And, when they perform well, don't forget to reward them for their hard work. 

Create clear pathways for growth and advancement 

It's essential to make it clear to your top employees that they will have opportunities for advancement before they seek opportunities outside. Set aside time to chart out a career plan, with clear milestones, training and assessments along the way.


How do you keep your high-performing employees motivated?

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